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Are you a soulful sister looking for aligned friendships?

​Are you wanting to step fully into your true, authentic self?

Are you passionate about breaking generational trauma and wanting to start/continue wound healing?

 If you answered, "yes" to any of the questions above, I invite you to join  'The Womanhood Collective!'

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Why I Felt a Need for 'The Womanhood Collective'...

Wherever you are on your journey right now, I see you...


Over time... society, conditioning and the patriarchy has done a fantastic job at minimizing the value of intuition and sacredness of our divine feminine as individual women and a collective. We've been taught that women can't be trusted and we hold so many sister wounds. Our divine feminine has been suppressed -  we often question our own decisions, sacrifice ourselves, look for external validation and fall victim to our own circumstances. We've been taught that knowledge is power and is the true answer to it all.


But how can we as women who have no way to study something so incredibly profound and unique such as the birth into Motherhood, rely on knowledge without intuition and our innate wisdom?




We MUST then come back to that innate wisdom as a COLLECTIVE, that Sacred Intuition we were born with and find a way to unleash and access it. By doing this, we not only become more connected with our true selves and higher power, but we unleash our Divine Goddess. We start to live a life without resistance and in turn, move with the flow of Mother Nature as she intended.  

This is why I've created The Womanhood Collective!


There is no better time than NOW to join hands together as sister's to rise up and build a beautiful community of love and support. 


Sister...I see you. You are not alone 

Is The Womanhood Collective For ME?

The Womanhood  Collective is for you if you are feeling disconnected and un-grounded...but you also could already be both.

The Womanhood Collective is not for you if you are not willing to participate in Meditation and Journaling.

The Womanhood Collective is for you if you're wanting to embrace community with other spiritual women and feel supported. 

The Womanhood Collective is not for you if you are not interested in taking responsibility for your own healing.

The Womanhood Collective is for you if you are wanting to expand energetically and spiritually, to heal and experience growth.

The Womanhood Collective is not for you if do not believe in The Law of Attraction.

The Womanhood Collective is for you if you believe we are all energetic beings.

The Womanhood Collective is not for you if you are not interested in cultivating global community.

The Womanhood Collective is for you if you want to learn how to be the best version of you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey!

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What is a Sacred Sister's Circle?
Within The Womanhood Collective, I have created a FREE Monthly Sacred Circle for Sister's to join together as a Collective. 

My Mission for our Sacred Sister's Circle is to create:

✨ A safe, empowering space where women get to come together to build sacred friendships and feel alive. 
✨ A place to uncover shadows and their purpose.
✨ A way back to connection - whether that be from feminine energy, yourself or Mother Nature. 
✨ A space where each Goddess can trust to be vulnerable when they are ready - to be held through the eyes of love and compassion without judgement. 
✨ A path back home to your higher power, where Intuition lies. 
✨ A space to become generational pattern breakers.
✨ A place to gently transition from suppressing your truth so that you can finally make peace with yourself and be your true, authentic self.
What does a Sacred Sister's Circle Look Like?
Each month, taking place on the evening of the Full Moon - we will meet online to experience a Beautiful Full Moon Ritual Ceremony where we get to experience:

💫Goddess Embodiment
💫Meaningful connection
💫and FUN! 

In the future, there will be guest speakers, breathwork & mindfulness workshops!

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Join our next sacred sisters circle now!

A Little About Me...

Danen is a single mama to her 4-year-old, Aria Isabella. 

Single Motherhood chose Danen when she was 5-months pregnant. At the time, Danen felt this was the worst thing that could've ever happened; but, as life would have it, her thoughts soon showed her that things would get much worse in her postpartum stage before it got better. 

It took Danen nearly 18-months before she started discovering powerful tools and techniques, re-connecting to herself with journaling & meditation and found a passion in taking care of herself. 

Over time, Danen found that the truth lied within her all along - that her struggles weren't happening to her, but FOR her. She then chose to start connecting with and helping other women through their own struggles. Her life started to slowly get better the more she focused on practicing the tools she had been learning and implementing them in her daily life. 

Danen's passion lies in guiding other women to live a fulfilled life abundant with connection to their Divine Feminine. She works one-on-one and in group settings to help women rediscover their identity, tap into their sacred intuition and live the best life they can live!

Danen currently resides in Vermont and has the following Certifications:

Certified Pause Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator

Certified Clarity Catalyst Coach

ICF Certified Life & Health Coach

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