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My Story...

I was broken, alone and in complete darkness. The only thing that was keeping me alive was my daughter, but she was also the only thing holding me back from escaping all the pain I was in. 


For so many years in my young adult life, every time a huge problem came my way … I would run. I would move to another city to escape and “solve” the problem. It wasn’t until I was FORCED to exist “IN” the pain that I realized running all along never actually solved anything, it just prolonged me learning my lessons. 

But this time…I was 5 months pregnant, abandoned by my daughter’s father, living at home with my parents at 29 and completely, utterly broken. I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe. It was the saddest time of my life. 

I was either an emotional wreck crying all day or the thought of being seen  by anyone who knew what had happened was gut-wrenching. I knew there was so much to live for (especially my beautiful daughter growing inside my womb), but I did’t actually realize that who I should’ve been living for was ME. I WAS WORTHY but I didn’t know it yet. 

Looking back at myself then and seeing where I am now - I never thought I’d break free from the pain I experienced.  It took my whole entire world to flip upside down for me to understand that life WILL throw unexpected events our way all the time. It’s what we do when we’re hit that will either make or break us. 


We ARE worthy of ANYTHING we Desire.



Why I'm Here as a Health and Life Coach

I struggled day-in and day-out with my body, my thoughts and my hormones after birth. I had no concept of what self-care was and barely found enough time to take one shower per week. 

I was once a heartbroken woman who was abandoned by a man she loved with all of her heart at the worst possible time in life …during pregnancy. 

I’ve struggled financially and had to borrow thousands of dollars from family and credit cards just to get myself "out of debt"...only to get more in debt. 

I was an exclusive pumper for a year who struggled to breastfeed after giving birth via an unwanted cesarean.  

I'm a mother who struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety and rage… and had no idea that hormones could take over my body with such incredible power. 

But most of all, I’m STRONG, I’m confident and I want to help other women out there who are going through something similar to what I’ve been through. My challenges, my struggles and my story are what led me to where I am today.

As an ICF Certified Life and Health Coach, I work with women to break free from the limited beliefs they were conditioned to have from a very young age. Together, we peel back the layers to reveal the power, beauty, self-worth and wisdom they’ve had all along and discover a new vision and way of living with purpose, fulfillment and empowerment as the TRUE Goddess they really are. 


  • ICF Certified Health Coach. Certified through HCI

  • ICF Certified Life Coach. Certified through HCI

  • Nutritious Life Certified 

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