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When we can begin to release beliefs that were never ours to begin with, we can free the mind, body & soul of what does not align with our truest essence. Today we breathe for 10 minutes to release these beliefs and overcome doubt so we can believe in ourselves!

Mantra - "I release the beliefs that no longer align"

Breath Pattern: Pulse Breath - Two breaths in through our nose, two breaths out through our mouth. 

Optional - shake your hands and bring in movement. 

Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions and sensations arise. 




If you enjoyed this free session, scroll down below to join our Donation-Based Online Breathwork Subscription, Soul Rise Breathwork where you will gain access to over 60+ more breathwork sessions. 

Soul Rise Breathwork with Danen Williamson is a DONATION-BASED trauma-informed month-to-month breathwork membership for women looking to re-align with their inner landscape and come home to feel safe again in the feel so that we can heal.


We are no longer suppressing or avoiding our emotions - we are creating the space to move them THROUGH us.


Whether you have experienced years of trauma or are just looking to learn to relax more, Soul Rise Breathwork is for every woman who desires to feel in ALIGNMENT with who she is.


By activating the breath and bringing the nervous system back into regulation, Danen uses her trauma-informed training to ensure each breather is met where they are at.


We meet every other Sunday at 10am EST for a Live 60-Minute Breathwork Session. A zoom link will be sent out the day prior of the session via email.


At the beginning of each session, Danen will discuss the intention and go over physical and emotional sensations that arise. If you're ready to let your SOUL RISE, Click below to join!

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