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30-day reset

with danen williamson

Mobile Phone

It's time to begin reconnecting with the cues of the body and stop dismissing our uncomfortable sensations and feelings.

Join me, Danen Williamson, starting October 8th for a 30-Day Phone Detox Challenge!

The Goal: All participants turn their phones off at least one hour before bed AND don't turn it on until all morning rituals are completed in the mornin

Example Schedule: Go to sleep at 9pm, phone is off by 8pm. For best results, all electronics off at this time. 

Wake up at 6am to an alarm clock that is not your phone, proceed to meditate, do breathwork, make your bed, brush your teeth, movement
, shower, etc. 

Can't join right on the 8th of October? Join us anytime during our 30-Day Journey even if it's just 3 days, it will still make a difference!

Danen Williamson

Trauma-Informed Somatic Breathwork Practitioner

& Certified Embodiment Life Coach

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 It sounds so simple, right? 

Just turn your phone off an hour before bed and don't wake up with it for at least an hour in the morning until all rituals/routines are completed. 

But did you know...that constant stimulus from phones (especially social media) and bingeing netflix (so guilty here 🙋‍♀️) compromises our attention spans and our obsession with instant gratification. This means we’re constantly living in our limbic brain, which processes emotions, rather than in our pre-frontal cortex, which deals with future planning and problem-solving and is important for personality development. When we’re confronted with a complex or unsettling issue in our work or social lives, our digital companions are always there to help us escape the stickiness of life with an easy distraction...which in turn means soo much of what we're feeling, we avoid with our phones. 

I know this to be true as I've seen how much at times I miss out on in life with my daughter. As an entrepreneur who has primarily built her business from her phone, I struggle with the constant battle of being on it and not. So when this idea popped into my mind to create an accountability group for not just myself but as many like-minded souls as possible, I thought - why not?!

How will this help you?

The purpose of this 30-Day Challenge is to reset our brain’s pathways and gain perspective on how our dependency on our phones affects us. 

  • What is your initial reaction when you go to have breakfast in the morning and you don't have your phone? What are you seeking?

  • When you wake up and generally scroll - what will you do instead? 


There's a growing discomfort amongst many of us in naturally just "being" and instead, we find the need to constantly be"doing." As a somatic breathwork practitioner, this is a huge part of the work I do with clients to bring them back to understanding the cues of the body. 

When we do this, we communicate better, plan easier, manage stress and problems more tactfully and can prevent chronic illnesses such as depression, anxiety and even diseases that affect our health. But because we're normal not in an awareness-state of what our body is communicating, we bypass the signs. We are so much more wise than we even understand!

To be blunt - it's really time for us as a collective to "wake up"  to our inner landscape. 

How does it work?

✨ Every night - you check-in via telegram and let us know you are shutting your phone off. 

✨ Every morning, after you've completed your rituals and taken the time for you - you will then turn your phone on. 

✨ Check-in throughout the day sending what comes up, what you found to be difficult, what you noticed about your time away from your phone (good or bad). 

✨ I will be actively engaging with members daily in telegram and will be sending daily motivation PLUS journal prompts and tips to help you overcome and/or workthrough the challenges and impulses for screen time.

✨ Support others and cheer eachother on!

how this does not work -

We are not here to judge one another's experiences. 

We are not here to be perfect.

This is not a's a journey.

⬇️ Join today For only $11 USD ⬇️

Thanks for Registering!

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